There is something strange about music. Music is supposed to be good when it’s done well, and it’s melodic and the musicians are pros. But there are some bands whose early work as amateurs is much more interesting than their new, professional work. All the experimenting and finding “that sound” actually makes the music a lot better. Take swans for example. Their first album (Filth) is filled with sounds of banging, Gira’s noisy vocals, in short, sounds and noise. There is no melody, yet the songs are mesmerizing.

I like Swans’ newer stuff very much, but they are a lot more melodic and some of them are even ballads. They don’t have as much strength and aggressiveness as the first few albums.

Just look at this album cover! Michael Gira’s teeth! How awesome is that? Just a black and white picture of the vocalists teeth, but it represents the sound of the album perfectly!



A new discovery. I’ll tell you one thing – If you want to discover awesome music, be more attentive to Facebook posts.