Abortion and Babies

I recently read a very dumb article in a very dumb magazine. It was about how the attitude towards a child while pregnant affects his adult life. The article said that the majority of people who were “hated” by their mothers while still in their womb, grow up into suicidal and depressive adults, and end up taking their own lives. I knew what was coming as I kept on reading, but I was still shocked as I read on. The author said that the reason was this bond between a mother and a child. If a mother has a bad attitude towards her unborn child, then no matter what she does when the child is actually born, he/she will be depressive and suicidal. This article was some bullshit about how a mothers soul must always be clean and how a mother should never sin, and so on. People actually believe it is all true. One thing is true, though: when a mother hates her unborn child and her feelings don’t really change for better when a child is born – the child will be depressive. Not because of some unknown bond, but because the mother did not what a baby, and doesn’t really care about her baby. That’s why such people turn out to be suicidal.

I don’t understand why Georgians always have to talk about some spiritual crap. Everything is connected to god and our soul and our sins and so on. Japan was struck by a tsunami, god punished them for their sexual corruption.

I have to live with all this crap, you just have to listen to all this crap.

Another problem, which is a problem in many countries, is abortion. There is another thing about Georgians that makes me mad. They say motherhood is the most important thing in a woman’s life and every woman should eventually become a mother and give birth to as many babies as she can, but when it comes to choosing between and mother and a baby, it’s always a baby. Our Biology teacher asked us a question in the tenth grade – “Imagine you are a doctor, and a mother is giving birth right in front of you. But there are some complications. The baby can’t come out on her own. If you help, the mother will die. If you don’t, the baby will die. Which one do you choose?” All of my classmates, who back then used to be crazy ass Christians, where “shocked” by the question. “The baby of course!” they all replied like this answer was the most natural. They didn’t want to be untrue to their religion, and they didn’t want to get into an argument with the teacher. I love arguing, it’s my favorite thing, so I replied “the mother”. Not because I wanted to stand out, but because I never really thought having a child was a big deal, and I was slowly becoming an atheist and my family always gave me freedom of thought, unlike in so many Georgian families. Then the argument started. “A newborn child is the most wonderful thing in the world”, “how can you say that?!”, “a mother gave birth to you!”. I quickly became my class’ Satan. Though the teacher approved of my answer, even if she didn’t say so in class. The thing is, a baby has one life to live, and she/he hasn’t even started her life. Yes, it is terrible to cut off the life of a newborn human, but what about the mother, the father? A father can’t raise a child all that well when his wife died for the child. Just like a mother can’t do that well without a father. They depend on each other. A woman can give birth to another child. Yes, she will be depressed when she learned that she lived instead of her child. But imagine what it feels like to know that you are alive only because your mother died for you? I wouldn’t want a life like that, and I wouldn’t want a life like that for my father either.

Then there is abortion. Abortion is something that, I think, only woman have the right to talk about, and only men who actually love their wives of girlfriends and have the guts to raise a child. Another Georgian crap is that abortion means getting in the way of God’s plans and sinning and so on an so on. I want to live in a country where abortion is legal. I’m afraid to have sex until marriage only because of this. What if I get pregnant? At the age of 19, when I don’t want to get married, when I have to study and find a job, when I love my boyfriend and when sex is a natural thing to do, why should I be afraid that my life will be ruined? The majority will tell me that I shouldn’t have sex before marriage and “how can a baby ruin your life?!”. It can. When you have a kid, you have to take care of the kid. You don’t have time for studying well and finding a good job. Most of the young fathers chicken out and leave their pregnant girlfriends with their parents to take care of them and their grandchild. This is terrible. Some young father marry their pregnant girlfriends and leave with her parents in her house, and don’t even have the guts to find a job and soon comes the divorce. All this happens because abortion is not legal, and what’s more, abortion is the biggest sin in out religion. Nobody wants to stop for even a second and think about how our lives would change if the attitude towards abortion changed. There wouldn’t so many children in orphanages, there wouldn’t be so many infants lying and crying in the streets and in garbage. Yes, in garbage. Girls who are raped wouldn’t have to give birth to their rapist’s children. Things would become so much better, but nobody wants to even bat an eye.


Maud Wagner

Maud Wagner

Isn’t she the awesomest lady you have ever seen?! The picture was taken in 1911. Can you imagine? Maude was the first female tattoo artist in the USA and the coolest person of the 20th century! Just look at those tattoos, that dress, the hair, the brows, the expression on her face! Everything about her is flawless. If I had a time machine, I’d travel back to the 20th century just to meet her and talk to her. I have seen only one picture of her and know only that Gus (her husband) and Maud were circus performers –Maud was an aerialist and contortionist. Maud traded a date with Gus Wagner, her husband-to-be, for tattoo lessons! This is the highest level of coolness!