Soulful Girl Talk

There nothing better than a good girl talk with your sister. Older sisters, no matter what they are like, know a lot of interesting things. 

We had a talk today and my sis made me realize many things. Concerning women, men, relationships, sex and so on. 

One important lesson I learned today and I want all the other girls to understand: Don’t obsess over the man you like. No matter what. Be yourself. I was close to obsession. I was on the edge, but my sister got be back down on earth.

Don’t fantasize, or you’ll start confusing reality with fantasy, and it will hurt very badly.

Don’t try to like everything your “soul-mate” likes. Many girls, when they like or love someone, start dressing like that person, listening to the same music, watching the same movies. It’s wrong! It’s different if he asks you to listen to his favorite band or watch his favorite movie. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t. And don’t be afraid to say  that you don’t.

Don’t cry in front of guys. Don’t have hysterics. There is no need for that. Crying and showing how much obsessed you are won’t make matters any better. Be cool and strong.

Don’t try to change yourself. Don’t grow your hair because he likes long hair. Don’t start dressing differently because he likes a peculiar style of clothing. If he likes you, he likes you for who you are. Trust me. If he doesn’t like you, he won’t like you if you start doing the same stuff as he does.

Don’t think about him whenever you do things. Don’t think about him liking what you are doing. Keep doing your own thing, and if he likes you enough, he will come to you yourself.

I can give you an example. I used to sit on Facebook, online, for ages, waiting for him to come and write to me. But he wouldn’t. Even if he saw me online, he didn’t always write to me. I was going nuts. I started investigating the bands and movies he liked. I thought that it would get us closer. I didn’t do anything except that. But he wouldn’t write to me.  But whenever I started doing my own thing and stopped thinking about him, he would write to me. So I’m just doing  my own thing now – drawing. Drawing without him in my mind. And it feels much better this way.