LGBT in Georgia

I live in  a country where feminism is nonexistent, sexism rules, homophobia is the norm and the definition of “manly” is just a bunch of man fighting for no peculiar reason.

Today, in Tbilisi, for the second time, the homosexuals decided to do a Gay parade. It wasn’t actually supposed to be a parade, just a bunch of them would stand on the streets, with their banners saying “don’t be afraid of being who you are” and stuff like that. They don’t want gay marriage or adoption to be legal, they just want they rights to be the same as the heterosexuals. But nothing can go peacefully in this country.

The people from the church, teens, adults, politicians, even human rights activists decided to raid the parade. Yeah, human rights activists. The ones that are supposed to protect every kind of human, say that they don’t protect “inhuman” people and apparently, homosexuality is inhuman and LGBT people can’t even get legal protection.

I thought the raid would be less violent and wouldn’t last all day. But it began in the morning and getting more and more violent. There are so many people in the streets that I think the whole town is there. I can’t even tell who is homosexual and who is not. Everybody is just fighting. The priests. The fuckin’ priests. They are standing hand in hand, with huge crosses on their necks, and saying things a priest should never say.

And Facebook? Facebook is blowing up! Most of the people on my FB say things like “If this means being European, that I’d rather be Asian!” and “Georgia is a saint country and LGBT people have a bad effect on our morality!” and so on and so on…

I don’t know what should happen for the situation to get better. Why do people care that a guy likes a guy and a girl likes a girl? It’s their business. A little kid won’t decide to become gay just because he saw two guys or two girls kissing! If it’s not in you, than you will never be gay! Why do people make a big mess about something so trivial? When there are so many important, a lot more important thing going on?

People say that the 21st century is debauched. They say that Georgia is in this state because people want to become European. I’m sorry, but in which universe is our century debauched? Sex didn’t exist before? Or gays didn’t exist? Or what? It has simply become easier to be who you are, to love whoever you want, fuck whoever you want. Why shouldn’t I want to be European? Life in Georgia sucks and the mentality sucks, even though I still love my country. But I love it for that 10% of people who think the way I think, and who give me hope that soon this 10% will grow into 20% and keep growing.

Gay people are normal people! Nothing is different! I have a gay friend and I know his boyfriend and they are totally normal people.