Social Networking

I know, I know. This topic is already worn out, everybody knows that Facebook and Instagram and the likes of them are very harmful to our self-esteem, our productivity and so on and so on. I always knew it, but I was never able to accept it. Some of my friends deny that Facebook is in their way, that it’s addictive and sometimes they waste a lot of time surfing not through the internet in whole, but only through Facebook.

The reason I decided to talk about it is – I realized I am a Facebook junkie myself. Though lately I have been using it less often.

There are tons of memes, videos, jokes all throughout the internet and Facebook itself about people who are addicted to Facebook. Most of them are a about changing your profile picture five times a day, writing heart-warming or heart-breaking statuses. Some jokes are so true, you are actually scared. Like when somebody comments on your update and they don’t like it first before commenting and it is a total tragedy. The funny thing is, the people who make this jokes are actually the people who spend most of their time on the social network. Surely, you can’t know all the ups and downs of something unless you are a constant user yourself.

All this is sad, actually. Because human relationships and attitudes have become totally different. For me, in just 3 years time, talking on the phone was changed by chatting on Facebook. When somebody I like likes my picture I go crazy, since having your photo likes by your crush is like that person just confessed their love to you. If your crush comments, well that’s straight up marriage in a few more comments. What makes me angry is that we are so cool and so witty on Facebook,  but so awkward and shy in real life. I caneasily say it’s not about me, since I don’t hide my real persona behind social networks like so many of my friends do. But I do admit that I have the need (which I have been successfully trying to get rid of for the last few days) to post at least 1 update on Facebook, whether it’s music, or picture from some movie, or photos of me and my friends. But I never EVER write a status. That is just pathetic for me. So I can easily say that my addiction is mild. Mostly it harms my productivity (though it did harm my self-esteem, but come on! I grew out of it) because I refresh the news feed once every 2 minutes and do nothing but refresh the news feed. Then, if I find something appealing, or someone, I go through their timeline and that’s when my stalkering starts. Mostly I stalk my crush’s friends and exes. It’s kind of scary, really. When I find someone who has a close relationship with my crush, I start visiting their timeline everyday, for now reason. I don’t do it to see the news about my crush, then why do I do it? That’s scary. That is straight out STALKING. So I’m trying to stop that.

I might not be so annoying on Facebook (I guess I only annoy myself) and I don’t really care about other people on my newsfeed, But what  I do hate, and mentioned earlier about the changed is relationships, is my friends’ attitudes towards taking photos. They take photos only to put them up on Facebook! I take photos to have memories of the day. I bought a new camera recently, and turned into a volunteering photographer in no time. They ask me to take pictures of them, and have poses! They know which pose to sit or stand in, or what face to have, so that they look incredibly glamorous in every photo. They delete any picture that is not glamorous, but is just funny or stupid. They are angry at me when I tag them in a photo that is not gorgeous, but is fun and actually has a story behind it. My friend spends most of her time taking selfies. I don’t really care, she’s beautiful and she wants to show of her new makeup, but she takes selfies even on a birthday! Or when we are hanging out at my place. We, four girls, are at my house, and 3 of them spent their time taking photos to put up on Facebook to show how much fun they are having (when actually, all they did was take photos). That is degradation of the human race. That is annoying, that is real addiction. That proves that most girls care about how they look , not who they are. And Facebook proves it!