Obsession with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Choricle and Kill Your Darlings

What connects these three films? Dane Dehaan! Seriously guys, Dane Dehaan is amazing. Put aside the fact that he is the new version of Leo, he is also much better than Leo. He, like Leo, has this childish appearance that can be really scary sometimes, and he is a great actor. But Leo was kind of self-important when he became famous, unlike Dane, who moved away from Los Angeles because he thinks it’s important to focus on his status as an actor, not as a celebrity. Yeah, I’ve done my research already.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I have known about the actor for a few months, from social networks and different sites and so on, but I never really saw his movies until yesterday. The reason I wanted to watch his movies was because he is insanely handsome and has magical (yes, magical) blue eyes. So I went to see spider-man yesterday for 4 reasons:

1. I love Spidey

2. I am in love (was in love) with Andrew Garfield.

3. Jamie Foxx plays the bad guy

4. And the last reason was to just check out these gorgeous, blue-eyed young man’s acting.

In the end, the only thing I cared about was Harry Osborn. I had totally forgotten about Jamie, and Andrew, and Spidey’s struggles. Dane stole the whole spotlight even from the main character. Every time he appeared, with his bangs gorgeously swished when he was furious, I started moaning. No seriously. Me and my friends moaned and screamed every time it was Dane’s screen time. His acting is so alienating, you just can’t look away. Even pronouncing his name sweeps the ladies off their feet!Image

This new Spidey movie was the only was that actually made the Georgian audience clap! and scream! And people didn’t stand up until the lights were on. It’s amazing. I loved the new Spider-man. It was emotional, the acting was amazing, the character development was really deep and well-though (something you don’t see often in movies based on comics), there were no dumb cliches and sentimental moments, and the graphics and filming made my heart jump!



I watched Chronicle Today, had to hide it from my sister, because I wanted to watch the film alone and she gets crazy when I watch films without her. But I have this thing about watching movies alone: When I love an actor very much, or when I really want to watch a movie, I watch it alone, to experience it, so to speak. First thing I have to say is Dane Dehaan. I won’t bore you anymore with his amazing acting and blue eyes and childish face. I will say one thing – I just love when my favorite actor/actress plays a troubled teenager. I just love it.

But I have to admit, it isn’t only Dehaan that catches your eye in the film. There is also Alex Russel, who, surprisingly to me, is on the same level as Dehaan in this film. I don’t know what, but something about Russel and his character makes the movie very enjoyable. There are actors in movies who play well, but they just bore you. But Russel is definitely not among them.

The film, in short, is about 3 boys who find a strange cave where they gain telekinetic powers. Matt (the voice of reason in the gang) and Steve use it for fun and pleasure, while Andrew, a troubled teenager with family problems, starts using it on people and starts behaving violently. It is presented as found footage, from the perspective of various video recording devices. The film grabs you and it totally devours you. It very fast-paced, doesn’t bore you, is filmed very beautifully, with soft lighting, and the ending just makes you tear your hair out.

Here’s another photo of Dane’s gorgeousness:



Kill Your Darlings:

Ben Foster, Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, and Jack Huston


I have been waiting for this film ever since the last HP movie came out. Saying goodbye to Daniel Radcliffe as Harry potter and the whole Potter Universe in general was really hard, as a huge fan. The I heard about Darlings and was instantly excited. There were so many things that drew me to this film. The Beat Generation, the music, the writing, the booze, the artistic atmosphere, the filming, the script, the cast. There was also the fact that Daniel was experimenting and trying his acting by playing a homosexual. It all seemed so appealing. But I procrastinated watching it. Until it became more appealing yesterday (because of the obvious).

I am amazed at how Dehaan presents himself as a totally different character. He is like a different person in this film. The film is very interesting, catchy and beautiful. It’s very emotional, especially towards the ends and really plays with our nerves.

another photo of Dane’s gorgeous eyes from Kill Your Darlings:



What love about this actor, aside from his looks, is that he’s picky. He chooses the films he wants to be in very carefully and totally embraces all of his characters. I hope that he won’t be ruined by the now-corrupted Hollywood and will deliver other amazing performances. I say that in a few years, he will be legend. He is one of those one-of-a-kind phenomenons in American cinema that always manage to surprise us with their films and characters. His every movie is good and I hope he goes on that way.




Gummo. It’s like no other movie you have ever watched. In fact, it’s not a film at all. It’s a collection of vignettes, pictures, short films, home-made VHS videos, a lot of improvisation, very little acting and an enormous amount of reality.

It’s like I had been waiting for a film like this for the whole 19 years of my boring life. The film itself is the expression of boredom. I won’t waste my time on telling you what Gummo is about. It’s about nothing, and everything.

This is the type of film I had always wanted to make. No actors, no special lighting, no high quality cameras and high profile celebrities. Just a bunch of people doing their own thing. No need for scripting or planning or anything. The film is more natural than any other movies you have ever seen. What makes it natural? The fact that the majority of people playing in it aren’t actually acting. They are being themselves. Nothing is made up here. Everything is real.

I am sitting in my room right now, I turned of Gummo 5 minutes ago, but I still have its images floating in my mind. The weird feeling is the realization that a film doesn’t need actors, it doesn’t need any planning. You just have to film whatever comes to your mind, because that’s what’s the most interesting: the little images floating up in your brain without you even thinking about anything. You just have to capture them. It doesn’t even matter if people will understand or not. People like what they don’t understand, what intrigues them, what makes everyone think differently.

There are many things you can think about while or after watching Gummo. Or there is nothing to think about, you just have to watch. Some people give every detail a symbolic meaning. These types of people try to give every film, every book a meaning. They don’t understand that not everything has to be philosophical, not everything has to make you think about morality and what is wrong or right.

Gummo is one of the films that make you feel like life is about nothing, and also about everything. At least that’s how I feel. The characters are doing stuff. Just stuff. They aren’t trying to change their lives, or the lives or others. They just do what they feel like doing and don’t question the morality of their actions. I guess every Harmony Korine movie is like that. There is no morality, there are no questions. There are just people. People and their habits and behavior is intriguing, not the plot or the meaning of the film.