Boredom Level 10000000…..

Something is happening to my Generation of 1994.  You know the The Who song, which is about finding your place in society, finding who you are and “getting around”, trying to do what you want without being a total outcast? While generations and generations of teens on the verge of adulthood have always tried to do exactly the same, my generation is totally deprived of these desires. These kids are on the verge of degradation. Despite the fact that my sister’s generation is only 2 years older, they totally different from us. They are more hardworking and friendly, they are more mature and sophisticated.

More and more kids my age are becoming a total disappointment to me, and I couldn’t understand why. I thought the fault was in me, that I thought wrong. That I was a boring, immature person. I don’t know if the definition of maturity has changed, or people have become dumb. People my age, students, now define maturity as smoking weed, going out at night, having sex, drinking and wearing makeup with high heels. Oh, and don’t forget about flirting with the other sex. That is a must! If this is society’s new meaning of “mature”, than I’d rather be a dumb, immature child my whole life. I don’t know how it is elsewhere, but this is how things are in Georgia.

Now, if the definition of maturity hasn’t changed, it means that my generation is totally hopeless. There is no real friendship. Guys constantly fight each other and compare their cars and money and iphones and girlfriends. Girls have 2 or 5 favourite girlfriends, like in Sex and the City, but they always talk stuff behind each other’s backs, so it’s not really SATC script, is it? I try to make it rasonable, these who friendship thing, or rather, the absence of one, but I just can’t. Most of my friends are hostile towards their friends because of envy over marriage, or boyfriends, or boyfriend’s material possessions. We are a very material-driven generation. The iphone is the definition of elite, a boyfriend with a car and a job is a good boyfriends, despite the relationship you have with him. Everything has become about showing off to others. You go to a party, instead of dancing, you take tons of selfies with friends, or solo, and check in at a club, while in reality, you didn’t have fun. Fun has become taking pictures. Fun has become talking about others. Fun doesn’t exist. People don’t have fun for fun, they have fun for showing off. Fuck me!

 The reasons I differ myself from my generation are obvious. For example, My older friend was shocked to see my girlfriends. He asked why I was still hanging out with them. He was shocked at how immature and stupid and childish they are, despite their boobs, and makeup, and expensive clothing. Another moment is that I rarely talk with them about social things. Like politics, or family problems, or religion and all that. I can’t talk about stuff like that. If I do, there are two types of people that respond:

1. The typical Georgian type that refuses do accept anything knew and not traditional, so talking to them about religion is useless.

2. The type that listens and listens and listens and when you stop talking, they change the subject. They don’t quarrel with you. They don’t even want to think about something that need brains.

So what can I do? I can’t talk to My Generation of material kids. They are boring, they don’t have any romanticism in them, they refuse to quarrel, they refuse to change the way they are. We are like the total opposite of The Baby Boom Generation, we are the (I have to make a very stupid and lame joke here, don’t blame me, I just liked the wordplay) The Baby Doom Generation.