Obsession with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Choricle and Kill Your Darlings

What connects these three films? Dane Dehaan! Seriously guys, Dane Dehaan is amazing. Put aside the fact that he is the new version of Leo, he is also much better than Leo. He, like Leo, has this childish appearance that can be really scary sometimes, and he is a great actor. But Leo was kind of self-important when he became famous, unlike Dane, who moved away from Los Angeles because he thinks it’s important to focus on his status as an actor, not as a celebrity. Yeah, I’ve done my research already.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

I have known about the actor for a few months, from social networks and different sites and so on, but I never really saw his movies until yesterday. The reason I wanted to watch his movies was because he is insanely handsome and has magical (yes, magical) blue eyes. So I went to see spider-man yesterday for 4 reasons:

1. I love Spidey

2. I am in love (was in love) with Andrew Garfield.

3. Jamie Foxx plays the bad guy

4. And the last reason was to just check out these gorgeous, blue-eyed young man’s acting.

In the end, the only thing I cared about was Harry Osborn. I had totally forgotten about Jamie, and Andrew, and Spidey’s struggles. Dane stole the whole spotlight even from the main character. Every time he appeared, with his bangs gorgeously swished when he was furious, I started moaning. No seriously. Me and my friends moaned and screamed every time it was Dane’s screen time. His acting is so alienating, you just can’t look away. Even pronouncing his name sweeps the ladies off their feet!Image

This new Spidey movie was the only was that actually made the Georgian audience clap! and scream! And people didn’t stand up until the lights were on. It’s amazing. I loved the new Spider-man. It was emotional, the acting was amazing, the character development was really deep and well-though (something you don’t see often in movies based on comics), there were no dumb cliches and sentimental moments, and the graphics and filming made my heart jump!



I watched Chronicle Today, had to hide it from my sister, because I wanted to watch the film alone and she gets crazy when I watch films without her. But I have this thing about watching movies alone: When I love an actor very much, or when I really want to watch a movie, I watch it alone, to experience it, so to speak. First thing I have to say is Dane Dehaan. I won’t bore you anymore with his amazing acting and blue eyes and childish face. I will say one thing – I just love when my favorite actor/actress plays a troubled teenager. I just love it.

But I have to admit, it isn’t only Dehaan that catches your eye in the film. There is also Alex Russel, who, surprisingly to me, is on the same level as Dehaan in this film. I don’t know what, but something about Russel and his character makes the movie very enjoyable. There are actors in movies who play well, but they just bore you. But Russel is definitely not among them.

The film, in short, is about 3 boys who find a strange cave where they gain telekinetic powers. Matt (the voice of reason in the gang) and Steve use it for fun and pleasure, while Andrew, a troubled teenager with family problems, starts using it on people and starts behaving violently. It is presented as found footage, from the perspective of various video recording devices. The film grabs you and it totally devours you. It very fast-paced, doesn’t bore you, is filmed very beautifully, with soft lighting, and the ending just makes you tear your hair out.

Here’s another photo of Dane’s gorgeousness:



Kill Your Darlings:

Ben Foster, Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, and Jack Huston


I have been waiting for this film ever since the last HP movie came out. Saying goodbye to Daniel Radcliffe as Harry potter and the whole Potter Universe in general was really hard, as a huge fan. The I heard about Darlings and was instantly excited. There were so many things that drew me to this film. The Beat Generation, the music, the writing, the booze, the artistic atmosphere, the filming, the script, the cast. There was also the fact that Daniel was experimenting and trying his acting by playing a homosexual. It all seemed so appealing. But I procrastinated watching it. Until it became more appealing yesterday (because of the obvious).

I am amazed at how Dehaan presents himself as a totally different character. He is like a different person in this film. The film is very interesting, catchy and beautiful. It’s very emotional, especially towards the ends and really plays with our nerves.

another photo of Dane’s gorgeous eyes from Kill Your Darlings:



What love about this actor, aside from his looks, is that he’s picky. He chooses the films he wants to be in very carefully and totally embraces all of his characters. I hope that he won’t be ruined by the now-corrupted Hollywood and will deliver other amazing performances. I say that in a few years, he will be legend. He is one of those one-of-a-kind phenomenons in American cinema that always manage to surprise us with their films and characters. His every movie is good and I hope he goes on that way.


Boredom Level 10000000…..

Something is happening to my Generation of 1994.  You know the The Who song, which is about finding your place in society, finding who you are and “getting around”, trying to do what you want without being a total outcast? While generations and generations of teens on the verge of adulthood have always tried to do exactly the same, my generation is totally deprived of these desires. These kids are on the verge of degradation. Despite the fact that my sister’s generation is only 2 years older, they totally different from us. They are more hardworking and friendly, they are more mature and sophisticated.

More and more kids my age are becoming a total disappointment to me, and I couldn’t understand why. I thought the fault was in me, that I thought wrong. That I was a boring, immature person. I don’t know if the definition of maturity has changed, or people have become dumb. People my age, students, now define maturity as smoking weed, going out at night, having sex, drinking and wearing makeup with high heels. Oh, and don’t forget about flirting with the other sex. That is a must! If this is society’s new meaning of “mature”, than I’d rather be a dumb, immature child my whole life. I don’t know how it is elsewhere, but this is how things are in Georgia.

Now, if the definition of maturity hasn’t changed, it means that my generation is totally hopeless. There is no real friendship. Guys constantly fight each other and compare their cars and money and iphones and girlfriends. Girls have 2 or 5 favourite girlfriends, like in Sex and the City, but they always talk stuff behind each other’s backs, so it’s not really SATC script, is it? I try to make it rasonable, these who friendship thing, or rather, the absence of one, but I just can’t. Most of my friends are hostile towards their friends because of envy over marriage, or boyfriends, or boyfriend’s material possessions. We are a very material-driven generation. The iphone is the definition of elite, a boyfriend with a car and a job is a good boyfriends, despite the relationship you have with him. Everything has become about showing off to others. You go to a party, instead of dancing, you take tons of selfies with friends, or solo, and check in at a club, while in reality, you didn’t have fun. Fun has become taking pictures. Fun has become talking about others. Fun doesn’t exist. People don’t have fun for fun, they have fun for showing off. Fuck me!

 The reasons I differ myself from my generation are obvious. For example, My older friend was shocked to see my girlfriends. He asked why I was still hanging out with them. He was shocked at how immature and stupid and childish they are, despite their boobs, and makeup, and expensive clothing. Another moment is that I rarely talk with them about social things. Like politics, or family problems, or religion and all that. I can’t talk about stuff like that. If I do, there are two types of people that respond:

1. The typical Georgian type that refuses do accept anything knew and not traditional, so talking to them about religion is useless.

2. The type that listens and listens and listens and when you stop talking, they change the subject. They don’t quarrel with you. They don’t even want to think about something that need brains.

So what can I do? I can’t talk to My Generation of material kids. They are boring, they don’t have any romanticism in them, they refuse to quarrel, they refuse to change the way they are. We are like the total opposite of The Baby Boom Generation, we are the (I have to make a very stupid and lame joke here, don’t blame me, I just liked the wordplay) The Baby Doom Generation.

Oh god, why?! Sex!

Excuse me for my choice of words, but there is no other word except for “obsessing” and “stalking” I could think of. 

What do we girls do when we have nothing to do? We stalk boys. I thought this activity was for teens only, but now that I think about it, more post-teen girls do it than teens. When I was a teen, I though liking boys was pathetic and stupid and way too girly, so I never ever had an obsession with a guy. Well, I never liked a guy when I was a teen! Except for musicians and actors. Now, when I have grown out of the age of low self-esteem and wannabee-ing all I can think about is men! 

After discovering the pleasures of making out and the likes of it, every boy I like is a potential sexual partner, and I don’t know if it’s good or not. I loved the me that wasn’t obsessing over boys, and I love the me that is confident in herself, but I don’t like being so obsessed with the other sex. 

Most of the guys I get obsessed with I the guys I don’t know, but have the potential to get to know them. I try to get as much information as I can about them and the funny thing is – I don’t want to date them or be their girlfriend, I just want to hang out with them and flirt. 

This whole thing is very confusing. Men and Women. It really is complicated, no matter how much we try to make it simple. I always denied the sexual part of myself, but that was before one guy totally opened my eyes to sexual desire and pleasure, and since then, I haven’t been able to close them! I thought it was cool and feministic that I didn’t give a fuck about losing my virginity. I never thought of losing it as a big deal, but I always thought that being 19 and not having any relationships with boys, of any kind, was kind of cool. I knew tons of girls who were over 20 and were still virgins and they were okay with that! But this past year, the more I started analyzing this girls, the more I realized that it was not totally okay. They can’t get a date, the only relationship they have with men is friendly, they live with their parents and spend most of their time talking to their friends about their friends’ boyfriends. They know something is wrong, but don’t want to admit that it’s the dating part. It’s the part of sex. They are not yet sexually awakened, and by sexually awakened, I don’t mean they aren’t virgins. I mean masturbating, and watching porn, and knowing that six isn’t just “in and out”. 

I wish I didn’t think about sex so much, but I can’t. 

Social Networking

I know, I know. This topic is already worn out, everybody knows that Facebook and Instagram and the likes of them are very harmful to our self-esteem, our productivity and so on and so on. I always knew it, but I was never able to accept it. Some of my friends deny that Facebook is in their way, that it’s addictive and sometimes they waste a lot of time surfing not through the internet in whole, but only through Facebook.

The reason I decided to talk about it is – I realized I am a Facebook junkie myself. Though lately I have been using it less often.

There are tons of memes, videos, jokes all throughout the internet and Facebook itself about people who are addicted to Facebook. Most of them are a about changing your profile picture five times a day, writing heart-warming or heart-breaking statuses. Some jokes are so true, you are actually scared. Like when somebody comments on your update and they don’t like it first before commenting and it is a total tragedy. The funny thing is, the people who make this jokes are actually the people who spend most of their time on the social network. Surely, you can’t know all the ups and downs of something unless you are a constant user yourself.

All this is sad, actually. Because human relationships and attitudes have become totally different. For me, in just 3 years time, talking on the phone was changed by chatting on Facebook. When somebody I like likes my picture I go crazy, since having your photo likes by your crush is like that person just confessed their love to you. If your crush comments, well that’s straight up marriage in a few more comments. What makes me angry is that we are so cool and so witty on Facebook,  but so awkward and shy in real life. I caneasily say it’s not about me, since I don’t hide my real persona behind social networks like so many of my friends do. But I do admit that I have the need (which I have been successfully trying to get rid of for the last few days) to post at least 1 update on Facebook, whether it’s music, or picture from some movie, or photos of me and my friends. But I never EVER write a status. That is just pathetic for me. So I can easily say that my addiction is mild. Mostly it harms my productivity (though it did harm my self-esteem, but come on! I grew out of it) because I refresh the news feed once every 2 minutes and do nothing but refresh the news feed. Then, if I find something appealing, or someone, I go through their timeline and that’s when my stalkering starts. Mostly I stalk my crush’s friends and exes. It’s kind of scary, really. When I find someone who has a close relationship with my crush, I start visiting their timeline everyday, for now reason. I don’t do it to see the news about my crush, then why do I do it? That’s scary. That is straight out STALKING. So I’m trying to stop that.

I might not be so annoying on Facebook (I guess I only annoy myself) and I don’t really care about other people on my newsfeed, But what  I do hate, and mentioned earlier about the changed is relationships, is my friends’ attitudes towards taking photos. They take photos only to put them up on Facebook! I take photos to have memories of the day. I bought a new camera recently, and turned into a volunteering photographer in no time. They ask me to take pictures of them, and have poses! They know which pose to sit or stand in, or what face to have, so that they look incredibly glamorous in every photo. They delete any picture that is not glamorous, but is just funny or stupid. They are angry at me when I tag them in a photo that is not gorgeous, but is fun and actually has a story behind it. My friend spends most of her time taking selfies. I don’t really care, she’s beautiful and she wants to show of her new makeup, but she takes selfies even on a birthday! Or when we are hanging out at my place. We, four girls, are at my house, and 3 of them spent their time taking photos to put up on Facebook to show how much fun they are having (when actually, all they did was take photos). That is degradation of the human race. That is annoying, that is real addiction. That proves that most girls care about how they look , not who they are. And Facebook proves it!

Me, Frankie and Andy

I have this image of myself as a tomboy who wears high collared blue coats with high pockets and high wasted jeans with the cuffs pulled up to show the black working boots with yellow laces. I have a short “Beatles Haircut” and the checkered blouses show from inside my coat. I walk the walk and talk the talk. I’m not a girl and I’m not a boy. I walk with my head high and a cigarette between my lips and behind me there is a group of identically dressed young men. Some of them were polished shoes instead of working boots. Some have longer coats than others, some wear black gloves, some wear glasses, but in total, we all want the same thing. We like fooling around, gambling, smoking, listening to music, driving, swearing, getting into fights and stealing. We are like this big gang where nobody cares about me being a girl. Nobody treats me differently, both in a bad or in a good way. I’m a part of them and it doesn’t matter what my gender is. I don’t really care too. Even our enemy gangs don’t care. nobody even raises the subject.

I’m finally where I want to be. In a place, with people, where nobody talks about makeup and gender equality, where everyone is equal, where love is what it is and there are no rules. There is no marriage and there are no great love stories. Here are only people who do what they do. Friends love each other and are ready to stand up for each other, to stand up for their views and feelings. Nobody judges you. The only problem is the money, gambling and enemy gangs. Despite it all being a problem, we can’t do without it. We love it and we love fighting.

I am kind of crazy, really, as this character. Her name is either Frankie or Andy. But Andy was different, she was before I cut my hair short. No it’s Frankie. The alter ego Frankie.

Frankie is everything I want to be. Though it’s not something a normal person to wish for. Frankie is not a hot long-haired babe, she’s not a beautiful short-haired mystery-girl, she’s not a smart successful nerd, she’s not an artsy colorful painter. Frankie is cool, short-tempered and relaxed at the same time. She doesn’t get worried easily, but she gets angry easily. She hates pretentious people, pedantic people, hypocrite people, people who spent most of their time pampering themselves to look good. Frankie hangs out with a bunch of guys who are like a gang. The Gang hangs out at pubs and basements. For them, hanging out is: gambling, betting, smoking, smoking weed, getting into small fights, stealing stuff from stores, swearing and randomly shouting out to people. They are not concerned about relationships and education. They go to University or work as normal people, they just don’t attract attention and just do what they like to do. They don’t have relationships, but those who do, make sure it doesn’t get in the way of The Gang. Frankie gets the same treatment as every guy in the Gang.

It’s awesome to be like that. I wish I was like that. I like Frankie more that Andy, though Andy has more chances of getting a good fuck than Frankie. Frankie is a tomboy. Andy is too, but she has middle-cut hair with bands, long lashes, a straight nose. She is softer and more quiet and shy. Andy IS strong, but not as strong as Frankie. Though I think Andy feels more responsible for her actions and is more careful than Frankie.  The thing is, Andy is kinda like me, and Frankie is kinda like me. Frankie looks more like me that Andy. I created Andy as a more beautiful version of myself, while Frankie is simply a thinner version of myself. (not like I was fat, but!) Frankie is like me in not caring, swearing, acting like a boy. But unlike me, she is like that and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t feel like being like that is wrong. I guess she’s like that because she has found people who accept her, while nobody accepts me in real life as a Frankie. Andy is like me because of her soft and forgiving nature. Though she too does get angry like me, she doesn’t show it. While Frankie is all about showing how angry she is.

To say the truth, I’m confused by all this. Frankie, Andy. These two really do feel like me. I love Frankie more since she’s new, but Andy is still here. I created her through many many stories and after creating all this stories, I realized she was in all of them, playing different people, but in whole, she was always the same person. The imitation of the same person over and over again. She fit into every story, so I fit her in. But now I’m tired of her, and I wanted change, so here came Frankie, after years of waiting and working on myself. Frankie is a more precise image of me, I guess. People love Frankie more, while Andy was a huge thing in the matter of being loved by males. Frankie is loved too, but for being the way she used to be. Old Frankie was like Andy.

Now I get it. Frankie didn’t just come out of nowhere. Frankie is the continuation of Andy. I always ended Andy’s stories when Andy got cooler and stronger. Now we have Frankie – The Andy that grew up and said “fuck it” and started doing things her way.