Boring Students VS Interesting Students

In Tbilisi, every state University has its “student type”. I know almost every one of those types. There are many kinds and sub-kinds and so on, but right now, I wanna focus on one thing: the boring students.

For example, Tbilisi State University is the largest one in the country and has a huge diversity of different types of people. The cool ones, the sporty ones, the girly ones, the idiots, the rich kids, the poor kids, the village kids, the foreigners and so on. But the people there are in no way boring. They have fun in their own ways.

The students of Ilia State University are downright losers. They are the left overs of the TSU.

The boring ones are the students of the Tbilisi State Medical University. They are the ones who refuse to “grow up” and have fun in the courtyard by playing childish games like the foot stomping one. They buy one bar of chocolate for 6 people and share it between the lectures. They take pictures of the skulls and bones in the halls of the University (it’s like taking a picture of a drawing in the academy of arts). They make lame jokes that only they understand. Jokes about chemical reactions and biological stuff. They try to seem more intelligent, since they are future doctors after all, but they just look lame. Just because they know the names of all the organs in the human body, doesn’t mean they are more intelligent than any other student in the Academy.

What bothers me, is that we “artsy” people who study in the Academy have the reputation of dumb, uneducated people. While some of us are a lot smarter that the future medics or sociologists. Why does everyone joke at the stereotype of artists being dumb, but nobody jokes at the stereotypes of medic being smart? Everyone know that Art Academy students aren’t dumb, but the stereotype of artists being stupid plays a bigger role. It’s the same with other professions. Everyone knows that not all Medical students are smart, but the stereotype of them being smart plays a bigger role, but still, nobody jokes about them. There is no joke of medics seeming  intelligent and in reality, being dumb.

I hate that. The Academy of Arts may be a place where there are a lot of posers, but at least the people there are not boring. Even the posers don’t bother that much, since they are interesting to analyze and look into. People in the Academy don’t try to look like the mass. I admit, there are a lot of people with forced “originality” and “avant-gardeness” but still, there are many who are really that way. Just because I’m an artist doesn’t mean I’m not intelligent. On the contrary, you can’t be a good artist and have a creative mind if you are not intelligent.