Sometimes you think that nothing is possible and no matter what you do, nothing good will come out of it Sometimes, you have days when you think that everything is possible and you feel like the happiest person in the world. These moments mostly last for a very short time, not enough to actually start doing something. You know, when you get the inspiration you have been waiting for and want to do something to it, but when start getting ready, inspiration fades and you end up with nothing. What should you do in such moments?

You have to find something that always inspires you. It may be a song, or a painting, or an artist, or a person or an animal, a movie, a video, a place and so on. There are two types of inspiration:

The first kind happens most of the time. It’s when you are getting inspired for ideas, but don’t actually do anything to express them. You ave tons of thoughts running around your brain, but you body doesn’t want to produce anything from those thoughts. I am like that most of the time. When I’m surfing the net for artists and movies and stories, I get amazing ideas, but I spend the time surfing more and more and eventually get tired.

The second type is when you just know you have to start doing the job and once you do, you don’t want to stop. It happens rarely, to me. Which is bad for an artist, but I promise to get better at this. After all, I have recently found things that inspire me in such a way. A song, a movie, a place and a person. Even a photo.

So you just have to seek for it. You have to go after inspiration with a club. When you have to do something, or draw something, especially when you have nothing else to do, just sit your ass down and start doing it! That’s all there can be said about inspiration and getting the work done!



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