Fight Club Philosophy


Fight Cub is my favorite movie. I love movies like this. I love movies which don’t involve dumb romance, movies that are violent and talk about consumerism and nihilism and so on. Though I have nothing in common with Tyler Durden, I’m kind of nihilistic, and there are a lot of things I don’t care about, which aren’t that important to start with. People think I’m a total unemotional nihilist, because sometimes I say that things don’t matter.

Let’s not talk about me here. The thing is, I watched Fight Club the 100th time yesterday. This time, it was for our philosophy lecture. We have this film club in a cafe on Sundays, where we watch movies that have a bond with the topic we discuss every week. Our philosophy teacher is young and full of ideas, so I was quite eager to go to the club. Yesterday was my first time watching a movie in the small cafe and I learnt an important lesson from that – NEVER watch your favorite movie with a group of people that you don’t really care about. First of all, it’s like the movies was yours! It was made for you and up till now, you were one of the few in the room who really knew the film, but after the credits start, you’re just like the crowd. Each and every one of you watched the same movie, at the same time, in the same room, sharing the same ashtray. It sucks. It really does.

When I discover something new, I like to share it with the people I love, the people I want to discuss it with, but discussing my favorite movie in the philosophy class is not the best experience.

There are some movies, which don’t tell you anything, at first. But when you watch it again and again and again, you discover symbols and signs which you need to decipher. But Fight Club, despite its philosophical side, tell you all it has to say! Tyler says every word straight on, so that the viewer can understand it. He doesn’t use some weird unknown sentences and words, you don’t have to be a philosopher to understand what Fight Club is about.

I was so irritated when they were discussing the movie after we finished watching. All these people spilling different, shitty ideas about what we should do with out lives, how we should try to make our lectures more interesting and communicative. I’m an introvert. I don’t like all this crap like discussing things in class. I love discussing things with the people I know, with people whose opinion I’m actually interested in. Yes, we do have discussions in our philosophy class, and sometimes I take part, but we have this subject for only a year, and then what? Nobody will care about what we talked about in class. It’s just a one year thing.

What I want to say is!

1. Having a discussion about a movie you have just finished watching is useless. I can’t talk about a book or an event or a film right after it’s finished. I have to think for a while, maybe a day or two, and then start talking. You have to give it time to suck in.

2. Never watch a movie you are in love with when surrounded by people you just know. It’s okay to watch it with strangers. But never for a class, or a lecture on anything like that. Anything that involves teaching, learning and discussing. Trust me. I was very happy when I found out about the film club, but now, I won’t go there anymore. Unless they show something I have never seen.