I freaking hate Marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez. So many people idolize him. I don’t get him. I have read 100 Years of Solitude. Nothing special if you ask me.

I started reading it last year and then again this year and I stopped halfway both times. It’s boring and it’s the type of books I hate. I hate Marquez for the same reason I hate poems – because every word is given a symbolic meaning by readers. Every tiny detail has a huge meaning if you ask people. A lot of my friends love Marquez. If you ask them, they will say that his novels are philosophical and it’s “not for everyone”. No. You know what’s not for everyone? Fuckin’ Trainspotting. Yeah. Both the movie and the book. That’s what’s not for everyone.

The people I know who idolize Marquez are mostly sentimental and romantic girls who love poems and romance and give everything a meaning. There are also people who love him just because he’s Marquez! When these people don’t even understand anything the man wrote. They just know that Marquez is a classic.

I can say exactly the same about Coelho. I have read only The Alchemist and Eleven Minutes.

The Alchemist bored me to death. There is something about Brazilian and Columbian writers that doesn’t appeal to me. Something in their style of writing. I never finished The Alchemist and I never will. It’s boring.

And Eleven Minutes? That’s just porn man. The whole book is about a prostitute who is looking for love thinks that love is painful and so on. It’s filled with erotic scenes and Maria’s boring monologues about why she’s a prostitute and what love means to her. The book is useless, it won’t tell you anything new. This book is made exactly for the sentimental girls, who find Maria’s “tragic” love story romantic and actually quote her.

Excuse me for my harshness, but these two writers don’t appeal to me. They are boring and uninteresting. They don’t teach you anything new. Their books don’t leave “that feeling”.  You know “that” feeling when you read a book and you totally live by it! The story is all you can think about and every character is totally real to you and you are practically depressed when you finish reading. That’s the kind of books that appeal to me. Like Martin Eden, Gadfly, Book Thief and Clockwork Orange. The books were characters do things they thought was impossible. Where the characters are strong in their own way.


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