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This small word has such a huge meaning to some people. I may speak of sex as if I have done it, but I haven’t done it. But this doesn’t make me one of those girls who take care of their virginity like it was a diamond. 

Recently, Georgians invented “virginity inspections”. A wife-to-be goes to the hospital with her husband-to-be or mother-in-law to get the “ID card” that she’s a virgin. One of the nurses who works in this hospital said that most of the couple leave very happy with the results. I can imagine the girl’s reaction when she sees the results, how happy she is with the fact that she proved that she’s “innocent” and can now be happily married to the guy that asked her to get inspected. 

That’s the problem in Georgia. If a woman is not a virgin while being unmarried, she’s satan or something. Which leaves us – freedom loving women confused. A lot of girls get married to have sex. Fuck that, they call sex marriage. There is a joke here in Tbilisi which goes like this:

Sex is a Latin word and means marriage in Georgian

This joke explains it all. 

If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t wait for marriage! Hell, I could have 10 boyfriends and love them all and have sex with all 10 of them! Why is it such a problem for guys to understand that they are not the only ones! Why does being a virgin matter so much to these people? 

If I had a boyfriend whom I loved and he loved me and things were going well, I would have sex with him! It’s not just emotional, it’s biological, physical. Most of the girls don’t even understand why they are getting wet and why their boyfriends can’t keep cuddling with them forever because their balls can’t bear anymore. 

Georgian give sex such a huge meaning that people actually forget that it’s not only a source of producing babies, but also, great pleasure!



Gummo. It’s like no other movie you have ever watched. In fact, it’s not a film at all. It’s a collection of vignettes, pictures, short films, home-made VHS videos, a lot of improvisation, very little acting and an enormous amount of reality.

It’s like I had been waiting for a film like this for the whole 19 years of my boring life. The film itself is the expression of boredom. I won’t waste my time on telling you what Gummo is about. It’s about nothing, and everything.

This is the type of film I had always wanted to make. No actors, no special lighting, no high quality cameras and high profile celebrities. Just a bunch of people doing their own thing. No need for scripting or planning or anything. The film is more natural than any other movies you have ever seen. What makes it natural? The fact that the majority of people playing in it aren’t actually acting. They are being themselves. Nothing is made up here. Everything is real.

I am sitting in my room right now, I turned of Gummo 5 minutes ago, but I still have its images floating in my mind. The weird feeling is the realization that a film doesn’t need actors, it doesn’t need any planning. You just have to film whatever comes to your mind, because that’s what’s the most interesting: the little images floating up in your brain without you even thinking about anything. You just have to capture them. It doesn’t even matter if people will understand or not. People like what they don’t understand, what intrigues them, what makes everyone think differently.

There are many things you can think about while or after watching Gummo. Or there is nothing to think about, you just have to watch. Some people give every detail a symbolic meaning. These types of people try to give every film, every book a meaning. They don’t understand that not everything has to be philosophical, not everything has to make you think about morality and what is wrong or right.

Gummo is one of the films that make you feel like life is about nothing, and also about everything. At least that’s how I feel. The characters are doing stuff. Just stuff. They aren’t trying to change their lives, or the lives or others. They just do what they feel like doing and don’t question the morality of their actions. I guess every Harmony Korine movie is like that. There is no morality, there are no questions. There are just people. People and their habits and behavior is intriguing, not the plot or the meaning of the film.

Summer Movies and My Summer of Love

Summer is supposed to be the time for love, fun, movies, sleepovers, music, parties and so on. Unfortunately, this summer (or should I say almost every summer) I get only a few of these things:

1. Movies.

2. Sleepovers

3. This year I added a little bit of fun, since Tbilisi has become a better place to live with all the festivals and concerts.

4. And another Bonus to this summer is LOVE! I should call this summer my summer of love since it’s the first time I finally really liked a guy and he liked me back and we are almost together but not yet together and I have no idea what the fuck is going on. Which sucks, but the good thing about my summer of love is that the guy knows a lot about movies! Which is my favorite thing to do – watch them!

So now I present to you my HUGE list of movies and directors I have to meet this summer. When I watch one of these movies, I will write my “what I thought about it” so be ready for critisism!

1. Lord of the Rings. All 3 of them. Yes, I didn’t have a childhood. In fact, I was always obsessed with Harry Potter so I had no time for LOTR. But it’s a must!

2. Magnolia

3. Stalker (I have actually had it on my Laptop for ages)

4. There will be Blood.

5. Royal Tenenbaums

6. Ginger and Rosa (Because my friend said that the movie is epic)

7. Where the Wild Things Are

8. Pulp Fiction (oh god… I haven’t watched it)

9. Fantastic Mr. Fox

10. Gummo

11. Kids

12. La Dolce Vita

13. Mon Ode

14. My Own Private Idaho

15. Donnie Darko

16. Svolochi

17. Some Voices

18. Cement Garden

19. Lost in Translation

20. Sin City

21. Rome, Open City

22. The Red Balloon

23. Kiss of the Spider Woman

24. The Story of Pierra

25. Mephisto

26. Possession

27. Norma Rae

28. Violette Novierre

29. Red Psalm

30. Isadora

31. A Panic in Needle Park

32. Underground

33. Arizona Dream

These are 31 one MOVIES I should watch, but there is more. Here are the directors I have “discover”:

Bunuel, Godard, Gondry, Von Trier, Hitchcock, Anselmo Duarte, Jim Jarmusch, David Lynch, Bergman, Kurosawa, Bogdanovich, Werner Herzog, James Ivory, Walter Salles, Bertolucci, Fellini, Malick, Hal Ashby, Almodovar, Carlos Saura, Lindsay Anderson.

Phew…. Wish me Luck!