This small word has such a huge meaning to some people. I may speak of sex as if I have done it, but I haven’t done it. But this doesn’t make me one of those girls who take care of their virginity like it was a diamond. 

Recently, Georgians invented “virginity inspections”. A wife-to-be goes to the hospital with her husband-to-be or mother-in-law to get the “ID card” that she’s a virgin. One of the nurses who works in this hospital said that most of the couple leave very happy with the results. I can imagine the girl’s reaction when she sees the results, how happy she is with the fact that she proved that she’s “innocent” and can now be happily married to the guy that asked her to get inspected. 

That’s the problem in Georgia. If a woman is not a virgin while being unmarried, she’s satan or something. Which leaves us – freedom loving women confused. A lot of girls get married to have sex. Fuck that, they call sex marriage. There is a joke here in Tbilisi which goes like this:

Sex is a Latin word and means marriage in Georgian

This joke explains it all. 

If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t wait for marriage! Hell, I could have 10 boyfriends and love them all and have sex with all 10 of them! Why is it such a problem for guys to understand that they are not the only ones! Why does being a virgin matter so much to these people? 

If I had a boyfriend whom I loved and he loved me and things were going well, I would have sex with him! It’s not just emotional, it’s biological, physical. Most of the girls don’t even understand why they are getting wet and why their boyfriends can’t keep cuddling with them forever because their balls can’t bear anymore. 

Georgian give sex such a huge meaning that people actually forget that it’s not only a source of producing babies, but also, great pleasure!


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