It’s strange how fashionable it has become to be annoyed by the society. It’s especially often in teens and young adults. I’m not talking about politics or any serious stuff, I’m talking about clothing, and music and all that.

The reason I’m writing this is because I have too many annoying people on facebook. They are annoying because they are way too active. My friend, who is male, wrote something that really made me think.

He wrote about how girls (specifically – Georgian girls) are trying to be cool by putting on a lot of make up, wearing shirts that show cleavage and tight jeans, drinking vodka and whiskey, posing and pretending to be who they are not. I’m not saying it’s not true, the majority of the girls really are like that and it makes me angry as well. I’m also a girl, so it makes me angry even more that the same gender as me does things that ruins our sex’s reputation.

BUT! The thing is, if you are a guy and you are annoyed by how this girls talk about getting married and actually do get married, then it means that it is your fault! Ask any guy in the street which girl he will prefer and he will point at one of these “cool girls”. These girls get any guy they want, while smart, witty, interesting, naturally beautiful girls don’t. So what is the problem here? I think the problem is that guys like girls like that, guys like boobs and butts and so on…

Then another friend wrote: “it’s amazing how everyone is trying to be original. Soon originality will lose its true meaning”. These are his exact words. Wow… Your words just blew me off mate… Is this me or is everyone being a hypocrite? Saying stuff like that doesn’t make you any different from the people you are complaining about! You think that by writing a status on facebook you will look any different from people trying to be original? You’re trying to be just the same!

I too, get irritated by things like that, by how people act like posers and douches, but I don’t complain about it everywhere! Why should I? If you ask complainers, they will tell you that they don’t actual care about the subject. Then why were you complaining! Not caring means not caring! It means not mentioning it especially so that everyone can hear you!

I hate posers, I hate hypocrites. If you are original, you don’t need to say it. You have to prove it. Society will give you that label if you really are original. You shouldn’t call yourself.

Just like Tyler Durden said “You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake”.



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