Noel Gallagher and Jay-z controversy

In 2008 Glastonbury festival scheduled Jay-z as the headliner. The thing is, that the festival is mostly guitar driven and Noel didn’t like fact that they incited someone like Jay-z as a headliner, when they could have chosen a singer of another genre. I am writing about this now because when I read about this controversy and all the reactions, I pretty much agreed with Noel on his opinions. I love Oasis and I love Beady eye (Liam Gallagher’s band after Oasis broke up) and Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, but that isn’t the reason I agree with Noel. Rap music used to be totally different in the 80s and 90s. I love Run-DMC and The Fresh Prince and so on, but rap music now is completely different. I totally hate it. Rappers today sing about “booty” and “swag” and “getting down” and the music videos are almost the same. They date models and attend tons of parties which end up with scandals. I’m not saying that rockers didn’t do that. Rockers were filled with scandals, but it was in the 70s, when the world itself was filled with scandals and music was ¬†something that set people free. Now, popular music is all about: a good music video, a beautiful or handsome singer, lots of butts and boobs and designer clothes. Especially rap music. Noel Gallagher,along with his brother Liam,¬† is one of those people who are the icon of British music, of Britpop, to be more precise. They shaped the 90s British music. When Noel talks about music in Britain, he has the right to say what he wants, and trust me, I wouldn’t like some glossy American rapper coming to the Glastonbury festival. Rap is all about bling now. Many people criticised Noel for his harsh comments. He talked like any person would talk about something he doesn’t like. The man doesn’t like rap music and especially rap music on a guitar-driven festival. Just because Noel didn’t go all “all kinds of music is good” and “it doesn’t matter to me if somebody says something bad about my music” like Jay-z, doesn’t mean he is a bad person. I like when people are straightforward in showbiz. When I listen to celebrities talking, it seems to me that everything they are saying is a fake, that they are a fake themselves. I’m pretty sure most of them are, they just don’t want their fans to go away because of something their “icon” said that was “wrong”. glastonbury