Michel Gondry Vs. Luc Besson

In an art class today, the teacher asked a question: who, in your opinion, is the greatest film director? I knew the answer right away. Most of the kids didn’t answer because when they watch a movie, they pay attention only to actors, and don’t care about who the film is by. The only answers were, and everyone agreed: Steven Spielberg, Clint Eastwood, Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino, and Michel Gondry. I love all of these filmmakers, and all of them,except for Gondry, are my favorite ones, really, but why only them? How can 30 people in one room not think of other great directors?  I was beginning to get really angry when they started discussing Michel Gondry’s films. Then, at last, I said: “what about Guy Ritchie? Or Luc Besson? Or Lars Von Trier, Mathieu Kassovitz, Sofia Coppolla,   Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, Tim Burton, the Wachowski Brothers and Emir Kusturica? On top of all Danny Boyle!” Danny Boyle, who made Trainspotting! And Slumdog Millionaire, and 127 hours!  My classmates started saying that Guy Ritchie is nothing, that Luc Besson’s movies have no sense in them, that the only famous movies Wachowski brothers made was The Matrix, which is lame and totally sucks, (I totally disagree, Matrix is definitely the best action movie, and if you pay attention to what it is about and forget about the stereotypical opinion that Matrix is lame, you’ll love it.) that Tim Burton’s movies are only special effects and nothings else. They didn’t even know the other directors, only one girl who said Michel Gondry knew them.

Those who knew Luc Besson, had seen only Transporter or The 5th element, which should be in the list of 100 movies to watch before you die, but of course, people don’t agree with me.

I asked which Guy Ritchie movies they had seen, and they said Snatch, of course, and added that Brad Pitt sucked in the movie. I think that Brad Pitt was amazing in the movies, and those who say that Guy Ritchie sucks, have never really watched his movies, and paid attention to all the conversations and finny situations in his movies.

Another thing that made me angry is that these people don’t even want to realize the fact that a movie shouldn’t necessarily have a huge meaning in it! The girl in my class which knew all the directors I listed and loves movies too, said that Michel Gondry is the best. I’m not fond of Gondry’s movies, even though they are supposed to have a meaning as many people say (thought I don’t see it), because I can’t understand them. I like his style, the way he films, and the colors of his movies, and I do respect him, but I can’t say he’s the best director.

Luc Besson, on the other hand, is a real genius. Despite the fact that his movies are mostly action movies, with a thriller, comedy, or romantic twist, he’s the best among such genres. Have you seen The 5th Element? I don’t understand how people don’t like it, and say that it has no meaning to it. I don’t love movies which’s only theme is love, but despite that, The 5th Element is a comedy! A great comedy! I have watched it literally a hundred times, and watch it every time I see it on TV. How can you not laugh at the way Ruby Rhod walks, talks, laughs, screams, complains? Ruby Rhod should be in the list of the most memorable characters in the movies. And Mila Jovovich? She plays Leeloo, and she’s so cute and innocent and naive, but also tough and strong and sensitive. Every character in the movie is unique, and makes you remember them very well: Zorg, played bu Gary Oldman. I know all of his quotes from the movies. Cornelius, the priest, played by Ian Holm, is always so nervous and comic that I can’t stop laughing and the way his hands and lips always shake. And in the end, Korben Dallas, the coolest and the most memorable name in the history of movies. The coolest character Bruce Willis has ever played. What’s the meaning of this movie? It has only one meaning: that loves can save the world, the only movie which portrayed this quote, without it being corny and lame. Another of Luc Besson’s masterpieces is Angel-A. Truly a masterpiece. Nobody can say about this movies that it makes no sense now that’s for sure.

Some don’t like Bessons’s Joan Of Arc, but I love it. His Wasabi? A very funny movie indeed. Yamakasi, my favorite movie as I was a kid. there’s a huge list of his great movies, some of which he has written, and some directed, including: Taxi, Nikita, Unleashed, Bandidas, Transpoter, From Paris With Love, The Extraordinary Adventures Of Adele Blanc-Sec.

I have no words to describe all the other directors I listed, but all of their movies are amazing and unique. Each of these directors has his own style, that you can’t confuse with others.

I know I left out many other directors, like Cohen Brothers or Gus van Sant, but that would make them too many.


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