School starts tomorrow, or should I say today! I can’t believe I’m graduating this year. When people look at me, they think I’m still in middle school, besides, I don’t really feel like a soon-to-be student. It’s so strange, I have only one year to finally decide what the hell I’m going to do with my life. Naturally, I have my own goals and dreams, which are pretty surreal from aside: like going to Hollywood to become the next Andy Warhol, or going to England to become an illustrator and a comic book writer. If nothing comes out of these two, I’ll try writing a book, and hope that it will be as successful as Harry Potter. I know I’m not ready for all this, and to some, it seems impossible that I will ever get out of this country, but who says that I can’t dream?

I’m already so sick of my classmates, and school, and all these boring subjects, that I will do anything to go to my favorite Academy Of Fine Arts here. I’m ready to work my ass off day and night, though some people think that it’s just useless talk, even my art teacher.

Even though I want to become and “artist”, I really hate this word. It’s probably because, to me, all these artists seem so full of themselves, so self-confident that they are different from other people, that I can’t bare being in their company. I hate the way they talk about how important it is in art to do as much as you can, and even more, or else you won’t be able to achieve anything at all. Like it isn’t like that in any profession you choose. I went to my first art teacher a few days ago, and I thought I would really like her, unlike all the others I have been to, but she really pissed me off. Artists are supposed to inspire you by the way they talk, even if this inspiration is really far from reality. The woman I talked to didn’t inspire me at all, in fact, she made me hate the word “artist” even more. I hate the way people, people my age, say that they are artist. How the fuck can you be an artist if you are just beginning to learn? Just because you have been drawing since the age of 0 doesn’t mean that you should call yourself and artist. Every kid loves to draw, that doesn’t mean that they will become “artists” The ones that give you that name are the people that appreciate your art. Not your friends and family, but the general crowd, the people who have never met you, but like you by your drawings and photos.

I mean, a law-school student doesn’t call himself a lawyer, and a medical-school student works hard for years to earn the name “doctor”. So how the fuck are art-school students called artists?


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