Billy Elliot

So my current obsession with Billy Elliot was not a big surprise for everyone, especially my sister. You simply can NOT hate the movie, unless you are an emotionless jerk. It doesn’t lack anything, not the emotional range, not the acting quality and the quality of the plot. As the movie progressed, I fell more and more in love with every character of the movie, was it billy, his dad and brother, or his teacher, or her daughter and even billy’s best friend Michael. At first I though it was just a movie, like any other ordinary movie, and though that it was simply about a little 12-year-old kid (I don’t really love watching movies about kids) who dance ballet instead of taking boxing lessons. BUT, it left me with more feelings than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (which is a huge surprise, considering the fact that I’m a fan of HP). The way it’s shown how Billy’s family love each other was way too nice for me to handle so I went out of the room and hugged my dad as hard as I could. Most of all I loved how the kids sweared at each other (I know, it’s not really a fact to like, but it’s very funny).


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